Sounds of forest animals for children

Sounds of forest animals for childrenOn this page you and your child can listen to the real sounds of the forest animals. Here, the kids will be able to see how wild forest animals look and hear some interesting sounds they make. With its beautiful colourful pictures, this online application is fun for the kids of all ages. To play back the audio, click on the image of any animal. If the audio is too loud or too quiet, you can always set the desired volume level on the top right. If you do not hear anything, check whether the speakers are activated on your computer or try another browser.

Sound of deer onlineAll the sounds of animals are high quality samples recorded in the forests, nature reserves and in the zoos. If an animal does not produce distinctive sounds, like rabbits or hedgehogs, you will hear it rustling and emitting other characteristic noises. Sounds of all the animals introduced on the picture are available, including bees, butterflies and dragonflies. Next, a list of forest animals with the description of their specific sounds is given:

  1. Wood tortoise. Sound: «Aaaaahk!». What it does: grunts.
  2. Frog. Sound: «Brekekekex! Koax! Koax». What it does: ribbits, croaks.
  3. Hares. Sound: «Crack-crack». What they do : squeaks, snorts, fumbles, munches a carrot.
  4. Butterfly. Sound: «Frou... Frou...». What it does: waves its wings, flutters.
  5. Bear. Sound: «Grrrrr». What it does: growls, groans, moans.
  6. Bear cub. Sound: «Urrrrrr». What it does: growls, groans.
  7. Dragonfly. Sound «Chrrrrrr! Chrrrrrr!». What it does: chirrs, chirms.
  8. Thrush. Sound: «Chirp! Chirp!». What it does: chirps, coos.
  9. Woodpecker. Sound: «Knock, knock». What it does: it knocks its beak against a tree.
  10. Squirrel. Sound: «Peek!». What it does: squeaks, chatters, clicks.
  11. Bees and the hive. Sound: «Bzzzzzz». What they do: buzz.
  12. Deer. Sound: «A-a-oh... A-a-oh». What it does: bells, troats.
  13. Deer fawns. Sound: «Baaaaaaa!». What they do: bleats.
  14. Beavers. Sound: «Ooh ooh ooh». What they do: the first nibbles at the tree, the second one falls flop into the water, the third howls.
  15. Otters. Sound: «Peeeeeeeeeh!». What they do: squeal, produce high-pitched screams.
  16. Moose. Sound: «Aaawwwwrrrrr!». What it does: bellows, produces high-pitched screams.
  17. Baby moose. Sound: «Wee! Weeee!». What it does: squeaks, cries.
  18. Tit. Sound: «Cheep! Cheep!». What it does: whistles, chirps, sings.
  19. Owl. Sound: «Hoo hoo hoo». What it does: hoots, shrieks.
  20. Ducks. Sound: «Quack-quack». What they do: quack.
  21. Fox. The sound «Bow-wow». What it does: barks.
  22. Fox cub. Sound: «Wuff! Wuff!». What it does: squeals, barks.
  23. Skunk. Sound: «Ugh ugh eeee». What it does: groans, screams.
  24. Hedgehogs. Sound: «Ph-ph-ph-ph-ph», «Yum yum». What they do: rustle, munch food.
  25. Badgers. Sound: «Auuuugh auuuuugh». What they do: squeak, growl.
  26. European robin. Sound: «Chirp! Chiiirp!». What it does: chirps, whistles.
  27. Mice. Sound: «Eek! Eek!». What they do: squeak, squeal.
  28. Mole. Sound: «Peek! Peek!». What does: squeaks, rattles.
  29. Ladybug. Sound: «Clap-clap». What it does: flaps its wings.

Please pay attention!!! Some animals produce loud and sharp sounds that may frighten sensitive children. This is why we strongly recommend parents to listen to the recordings before your kids.

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