Animal sounds for children

Sounds of african animals Sounds of forest animals Sounds of farm animals
Sounds of african animals Sounds of forest animals Sounds of farm animals

Leopard, lion, monkey, rhino, tiger, elephant, crocodile, flamingo, frog, toucan, giraffe, zebra, snake, parrot, butterfly.

Bear, woodpecker, squirrel, tit, blackbird, dragonfly, rabbit, frog, deer, turtle, beaver, otter, weasel, badger, hedgehog, mouse, robin, skunk, fox, moose, duck, owl, butterfly, bee, ladybug.

Donkey, sheep, geese, pet rabbit, chicken, chickens, rooster, pig, duck, dog, cow, horse, cat, goat, raven, bees, butterflies.


By using this site, you can introduce your children to the sounds of different animals. Here you can find a lot of voices and noises produced by the mammals and birds as well as amphibians, reptiles and even insects. All sounds are divided into three categories: african animals, forest animals and farm animals. Each category is in fact an interactive application with a colourful picture of the animals in their habitat. By clicking on any animal you will be able to hear an audio recording with its peculiar voice (or, if the creature does not produce any, its noise).

Our collection of sounds contains only high-quality audio samples diligently collected from various sources. All animal sounds are real. In this regard, we would like to warn parents that some animals do not sound like we are used to think they do which is going to be a surprise! Besides, most of the records have also sounds of nature on the background to enhance the general impression significantly.

The site is designed for the children of all ages. For the kids it may become a splendid introduction to the sounds of the wildlife, as well as looks and names of the animals. Both preschool and school children with the help of this site will be able to consolidate their knowledge of the nature and learn a lot of unusual things (for example, have you ever heard how a moose screams?). For the teenagers and adults animal sounds will be a good way to expand their horizons and satisfy curiosity.

Please pay attention!!! Some animals produce loud and sharp sounds that may frighten sensitive children. This is why we strongly recommend parents to listen to the recordings before your kids. You can always adjust the volume with the slider in the upper right corner.

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